2017 IPGA Consultants' Forum:
Building Foundations For Success
February 24-25, 2017

 About the Forum 

 One of the two major opportunities IPGA provides each year for consultants and experienced practitioners (defined as those who have worked with their board using the Policy Governance® system for at least two full annual monitoring cycles) to get together for in-depth learning and networking with expert presentations and lively discussion of common challenges.  

About our Theme

Helping boards achieve great things requires firm foundations.  We need to be grounded in a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Policy Governance and how best we can bring that understanding to others.  In this Forum we will explore the most fundamental concept in Policy Governance – ownership.  We will also look at ourselves and how we can better equip ourselves to deliver value to the boards we work with.

Host Hotel

Tropicana Las Vegas- A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
 +1 702-739-2222

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Date and Time
8:15 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome- Caroline Oliver - CEO, IPGA
Introductions- Moderator - Simon Canning
Who I am, what success means to me and how this Forum could help me achieve it.
Program overview, ground rules and housekeeping - Caroline Oliver

9:45  AM 

Ownership - Facilitator/Presenter – The IPGA Consistency Framework Team

Ownership has been the subject of a major review by IPGA’s Consistency Framework Committee. Karen Fryday-Field will lead us in a wide-ranging and deep exploration of this vital topic.

What does ownership mean?
Why does it matter?
How should boards go about identifying their owners?

We will also learn more about what is happening in the corporate sector in relation to the rise of the “ownerless corporation” and demands for corporate social responsibility to be treated as a matter of purpose rather than compliance

10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Ownership - continued
12: 15 PM Break
1:15 PM Ownership - continued
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM  Conclusions from Today's Inquiry
3:30 PM

Turbo- Changing Ownership Linkage!
In this fast-paced session you will create a bank of great ownership linkage questions and explore how new technology is opening up many opportunities for linkage (e.g. https://remesh.co/, http://www.peakdemocracy.co/.)  This is also an opportunity to learn from each other’s great ideas for engaging owners in productive dialogue.

4:45 PM

Review and Evaluation of Day One and Preparation for Day Two
Moderator - Caroline Oliver
Any quick points regarding process or other arrangements?

5:00 PM  Close of Day One



8:15 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome to Day Two: Thoughts to Start the Day 
Individual reflections from the forum so far...

9:20 AM

What Makes Us Tick? 
What do we need to perform at our ver best?
Work in pairs then group sharing and identification of main themes.
Ideas for Creating the foundations for personal success.
Small group work on main themes the whole group sharing.

10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM What Makes Us Tick?  continued
11:55 AM

IPGA Update:
Rose Mercier - - Chair, IPGA and Caroline Oliver - CEO, IPGA

12:15 PM Lunch Break 
(and time for a stroll around the gardens)
 1:15 PM

Keeping Up the Standard Small Group and Full Group consideration of...

  • A Code of Conduct for Policy Governance Consultants
    • Should there be one?
    • What should it consist of?
    • How should it be upheld?
  • Continuing Education - What should we require for continuing Policy Governance (PGP) Certification
1:45 PM

Sharing Our Journeys
An Opportunity to share successful and unsuccessful journeys in which we sought to help boards with Policy Governance implementation and explore what worked and what didn't. A Questionnaire will be sent to you in advance to help stimulate your thinking and everyone's learning

3:00 PM Break
4:00 PM Helping boards Who Can't Afford Our Help!
A rapid fire brainstorming session.
4:30 PM

... And the Other Thing I want to Say...
Concluding remarks from all present

4:30 PM Update on Outcomes of 2016 Forums, Evaluation of the February 2017 Forum and Plans for the Future
-Caroline Oliver 
5:00 PM  Close
 An International Policy Governance Association Event

 IPGA does not make suggestions to its members on competitively sensitive topics. Rather, it serves to educate its members and others on matters relating to the development and support of Policy Governance and other advanced governance systems. IPGA specifically requires that its members do not agree to take joint industry action on competitively-sensitive issues.

Policy Governance® is an internationally registered service mark of John Carver. Registration is only to ensure accurate description of the model rather than for financial gain.  The model is available free to all with no royalties or license fees for its use. The authoritative website for Policy Governance is http://www.carvergovernance.com.

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