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If you believe that having highly functioning boards is key to creating the future you want to see, you have come to the right place.  IPGA is a non-profit community of practitioners, researchers and consultants acting for public benefit - promoting and developing the advanced governance systems the world so sorely needs. 

IPGA's original 1999 vision of "owner-accountable productive organizations is still upheld in our board's Governance Process policies and our recently revised Ends now refer not only to reliable and trustworthy Policy Governance resources but also to "other resources that support owner-accountable governance" as well as " the ability to learn from and dialogue about other systems of, and approaches to, owner-accountable governance.

We put the needs of board members and other governance practitioners' first in all we do.  As the people who actually implement  governance systems, they are our most important immediate beneficiaries.   You will find practitioners contributing at every level of IPGA and now we are creating a Practitioners' Panel to help us determine and prioritise the products and services IPGA should be providing. 

A New Partnership with Providers

Those who provide products and services to practitioners are vital to the fulfilment of IPGA's Ends.  We are forging a new partnership with Policy Governance consultants and other providers of products and services aiming for transparency and fairness for providers and choice of high quality resources for practitioners.   Our new process looks like this:

Member Engagement

Member engagement is at the heart of the development and design of IPGA's strategic position which is composed of three winning propositions:  Valued Engagement (of our members), Demonstrated Impact (of Policy Governance and other advanced governance systems) and Business Sustainability (of IPGA).   The overall Strategic Leadership Team, coordinated by Kathy Wiener, also brings together the leaders of IPGA's Certification, Consistency Framework and Social Media Teams.  And, our first special interest hub is getting into place - looking at the application of Policy Governance principles to government at all levels.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Ownership - within a community that is up to nothing less than bringing advanced governance systems to the world.
  • Ability to Shape Your Association - in a way that maximizes its benefit to you and others.
  • Having a Voice in Governance Developments - For example IPGA members have had a major influence on the first ever national standard on governance produced by the British Standards Institution.
  • Networking and Learning - significant discounts on:
    • our Annual National Conference (June 19-21, 2014 Minneapolis; June 18-20, 2015 Vancouver/Seattle; June 17-19, 2016 Toronto)
    • our Annual Consultants' Forum (February 21-22, 2014, Orlando; February 20-21, 2015, venue t.b.a.),
    • on all other IPGA events
    • on selected trainings run by John and Miriam Carver
    • Board Leadership: Innovative Approaches to Governance- the newly revamped bi-monthly newsletter from Jossey Bass Publishers Inc.
    • IPGA News - our monthly email bulletin

And don't forget the other resources we currently offer:

Policy Governance Registry

http://www.policygovernanceassociation.org/policy-governance-registry/add-your-organization.html    Designed to help us network according to our particular interests, the Policy Governance Registry, entries in this registry indicate that your organization is somewhere on the path of practicing Policy Governance. 

Policy Governance 360° Test

http://www.policygovernanceassociation.org/resources/assessment-tools/pg360-questionnaire.html   A great tool to supplement your Policy Governance orientation and continuing education programs.

Request for Proposal Service

http://www.policygovernanceassociation.org/members/request-for-proposal.html   Through this well-used service, those who are looking for help with Policy Governance - be it introductory help, help with implementation or continuing support, can be put in touch with IPGA member suppliers who meet their specified requirements.

Welcome to IPGA's website.  We hope you will want to join us and look forward to hearing your suggestions as to how we can do a better job at any time.  You can write to us at:  ceo@policygovernanceassociation.org.

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